Guitar Pro 6 Fretlight Ready


Learn how to play the guitar easily



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If you want to learn how to play the guitar in a short time, a brilliant way to begin is to acquire a Fretlight guitar, specially designed for beginners, and install Guitar Pro Fretlight Ready.

Guitar Pro is a complete software for editing and playing guitar chords, allowing a whole set of options like loops, tempo reduction and more. The Fretlight Ready version complements with your guitar so you only have to connect it to your computer and you´ll see the chords that you will have to play to produce each melody.

You will see that with this system, learning to play will be much easier and soon you will learn how to play a multitude of songs and riffs.

Furthermore, the software has all the functions of the traditional Guitar Pro so you will have a powerful music editing program.

The trial version doesn´t allow saving the project, importing or exporting MIDI files and the instruments are limited.

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